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Last week I bid farewell to NYC, wrapping up a few months at 731 Lex, the Bloomberg office on 59th and Lexington. These past few months have been a surreal yet gentle initiation into adult life. Waking up at 6am, walking to the 77th station in the dark, the city stirring awake, the empty-wide boulevards looking like rolling fields. Quiet MTA carriages, tired faces awash with fluorescent light. Tapping into the building, streaking across the 6th-floor pantry floor like some kind of Charlie in candy wonderland, going down the curved elevator past the glass windows of the TV studio. Logging in at my desk opposite Anne’s and beside Christina’s.

Learning how to use the ENPS software. Booking guests for breaking news events. Making Zoom links. Writing guest briefings and sending them to the crew. Producing 10-minute blocks of TV segments from scratch. Making charts (shares up or down; mostly down!) and other fullscreen visuals. Scripting news on company earnings, inflation, Fed rates, and Europe’s energy crisis for the anchors’ teleprompter. Navigating the control room, with a headset on like a secret service agent, one eye on the Terminal for headlines that are crossing in real-time, while making follow-on banners for each guest who is speaking on air.

Picking Zoom backgrounds for each day’s meetings. Checking CHOM <GO> on the Terminal for the lunch menu. Sitting on Long Island City rooftops for barbeques. Eating cheesecake and skewers. Chatter disappearing into cups of champagne.

Meeting various people in the newsroom from all kinds of teams — FX and Rates, News Desk, Equities, Breaking News, etc. — and learning about their many years at Bloomberg and the different paths they’ve taken to get to where they now are.

Meeting Mike Bloomberg (who actually has an open desk just like everyone else on the 5th floor with the TV folks), our Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait, Bloomberg News co-founder (and the man who wrote The Bloomberg Way — the handbook that every new journalist has to read in the company) Matt Winkler, our Deputy EiC Reto Gregori (who has a life-size stuffed sheep beside his desk), and numerous others.

I’ll miss any people in NYC, including Anne, Sonali, and the Crew.

It’s been a wild, wonderful ride. Thank you, 731 Lex. 💙

Mike Bloomberg
John Micklethwait
Matt Winkler
Anne ❤️
Sonali ❤️

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