24th 🍀

Baby grows up… …and is finally a college graduate!!! It’s been six days since graduation. In another fourteen hours, I’ll take the AmTrak to New York; in about two weeks, I’ll start work. One chapter ends and another begins. Today marks yet another birthday I spend in a hotel room (see From 20-year-old Me, With … Continue reading 24th 🍀

Happy Fall Things: Wise Professors ft. Other Shenanigans : )

Note: here's a mandatory throwback to my November posts from freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Somehow every November always ends up becoming either my favorite or the most tumultuous month of the fall. Life is truly a cycle, not a progression. Conversations That I'll Remember In Salem's oldest witch shop, behind a curtain, the psychic … Continue reading Happy Fall Things: Wise Professors ft. Other Shenanigans : )


hi dear friends and readers, today i turn 22!!!! today i feel very very loved and very very blessed. thank you to each of you — you know who you are — who have made it so special. i've waited seven years to play this song (so let this be the soundtrack to this blog … Continue reading 22