Pre-college adventures are entering into a final countdown!

Months left before I head to college: 1.

I’ve recently ended my internship at The Straits Times in end-April. I’m currently learning Korean at the Hanok Korean Language School.

On Trotting Around The Big Blue Globe

My travel goals are: be humble, be curious, try to figure out what I like/what ticks me off & maybe, discover that elusive what do I want to become. So, I guess it’s get lost to be found. In my stories under the Travel tab, I will make sense of my exploring of looming mountains, misty beaches, glossy maps, worn trains, undimmed convenience stores, bustling eateries, and airports-in-limbo.

So far:

Bali (28 Dec 2016-1 Jan 2017)

Guangzhou (7, 10, 18-20 Jan 2017)

Shenzhen (11 Jan 2017)

Hongkong (12-17 Jan 2017)

Sichuan (21 Jan-2 Feb 2017)

Macau (2-4 Feb 2017)

Vipassana Meditation Course at Johor, Saleng (5-16 July 2017)