Essay Consulting

I currently offer two types of admissions service: one-on-one essay consulting for the US and the UK university applications respectively.

I applied for college in the 2016-2017 season and was accepted via Early Action to Harvard College in the US, and to Cambridge University in the UK for Human, Social & Political Sciences. I was successful in every school I had applied to and will be matriculating at Harvard this fall. For testimonials →

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My counseling philosophy is basically this: in this entire experience, I will be both your friend & mentor, walking you through the exact application process I went through — with insider’s advice, insights as a successful applicant & personal support.

Applying for college is a daunting, downright confusing and often stressful process, but it’s one that can be life-altering. Hear this again: it can make a difference to your future that will last a lifetime. The essay is the last component that is the most in your control — the one that can make sense of your identity, tie everything you’ve done thus far together in one sweep, and it deserves to be given your fullest creativity, focus & efforts.

How I will work with you